Friday, December 16, 2011

Graduation Day

Today was the big day.  All the families passed their Public Access Test and succeeded to graduate this afternoon.  

Here's a glimpse ...

 Wall of Fame

 Jeremy in front of the Wall of Fame

 Awaiting the festivities

 Team Cassie and Maggie

 Team Ollie and Hazy

 Team Dawsyn and Lilly

Team Alex and Clifford

 Team Logan and Hattie

 Team Jackson, Denver and Harper

Team Meghan and Yoyo

Team Ethan, Alex and Sega

Team Joey and Stormy

 Dawsyn with Lilly and Jeremy

 Dawsyn with Lilly and Yarden

 Yarden and Lilly

 Jennifer V.

 Dawsyn with Lilly and Jessa

JennO with Hattie

Oh ya, let's get one more picture with Jeremy.  Dawsyn got very attached to Jeremy!!

We met lots of new friends and have had a wonderful time but are really ready to get back home.  We miss Matthew and need to settle back in to real life.  We'll be up by 4 am to make the journey home.  

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