Friday, August 6, 2010


Just a few shots of Milkyway enjoying his back yard!  These photos were taken on July 8 and I'm sure he's grown since then!  He and Matt both seem to have had a real growth spurt this summer!!

Sadly, Milkyway had an accident this summer and has injured his back left knee.  On Sunday, July 4, we were preparing to do a tracking exercise so Ben and Dawsyn left the yard to go and hide on us.  Milkyway got all excited about his girl leaving the yard without him!  He ran up to the higher deck so he could see them walk out into the field across the street from us.  When I came out of the house with his tracking lead, he went berserk!!  He came flying down the stairs to me but when he landed on the lower deck, his legs kept spinning like the Road Runner before he takes off.  Sadly, instead of taking off, the poor boy wiped out.   He limped a bit but was so focussed on finding his girl that he mostly ignored the pain.  I strapped him up and away we RAN!  Of course, he found her in no time!  

Over the next couple of days I noticed that he was really favoring that leg so took him in to see the vet.  He had indeed injured it and I was warned that if we didn't allow it to heal properly, he could need surgery.  He's not been particularly impressed that I've taken away all his balls and have tried to keep him from running.  Needless to say, there's been no more tracking practice over the past month!  

After a couple of weeks of rest and medication, he was no longer limping but the vet suggested that we don't let him be too active until the end of August.  That's a long time to go without tracking practice!  Hopefully we will get the go ahead to resume normal activities soon.  

**Photos were taken on the day of our first vet visit after the accident.  Already he is wanting to play!

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I sure hope he is all right.