Thursday, November 17, 2011

I wrote this poem just under one month before Dawsyn's first seizure.  God was already teaching me that I had to change my mind-set to survive my parenting journey.  I had all but forgotten about this poem until recently in conversation with a number of young mom's who were commenting that they were reluctant to have people over because they can't seem to keep their homes clean enough.  To that I say, invite ME, I wear blinders!!

My House is Not Clean

My house is not clean
It’s covered with dust
But spending time cleaning
Just isn’t a must!
‘Cause my kids are growing
            Up way too fast
To waste my time doing something
            That just doesn’t last!

But the hours I spend
            Playing games, reading books
Will last through the ages
            When on them we look.

Childish days, they are numbered
            They soon pass us by
Kids grow up and leave home
            We’re left to ask why
Did I spend all those hours
            Washing floors, cleaning house
When my kids really needed
            Me to watch Mickey Mouse.

So the dust and the dirt
            Will not make me fret
Matthew’s calling “Hey Mom,
            Can you play with me yet?”
Yahtzee or Trouble,
Go Fish or Uno
Or down to the basement
            To play Nintendo!

Dawsyn’s still easy
            She’s only a babe.
If I hug her and feed her
            Content she is made.
But the day’s quickly coming
            When we’ll put away toys
Spending our time
            Talking make-up and boys!

So when at our house
            Don’t look at the floors
You will quickly discover
            I’ve not done my chores.
But look at the faces
            Of my daughter and son
And see how they’ve blossomed
            ‘cause they’ve spent time with Mom!
                                    Marvel McAmmond
                                                January 22, 2002

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