Sunday, June 7, 2009


What a fun weekend we've had! On Friday afternoon my Mom and Dad and my Dad's two youngest brothers and their wives arrived for a busy, fun weekend. We enjoyed supper and an evening of visiting over coffee and cake.

On Saturday we left Matt and Dawsyn at home with Ben and the rest of us travelled to Calgary to Dad's cousin's home for a gathering of McAmmond cousins. Two of my Grandfather's four remaining sisters were there, Auntie Jean and Auntie Margaret. What fun those two are!! It quite plain to see that I carry the same sense of humor gene and I can only hope that I have also inherited their longevity! The younger of the two, Auntie Margaret, will be 91 this year and is as clear headed (possibly MORE clear headed) than I am now. It was such fun to see her and my Dad teasing one another.

It was great afternoon of coffee drinking, singing, looking at photographs and visiting with many of my Dad's cousins from near and far. Family connections are too important to leave to chance. These opportunities to get together and share our lives need to be cherished!

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