Sunday, December 6, 2009

2009 Christmas Blog

T’was weeks before Christmas

And all through the town

The snow was blowing in circles

Up streets and down!

The kids were all trapped

In the house with their Mom

Where she pulled out her hair

And prayed for the storm to be done!

She gave them all jobs

They would moan and complain

They’d rather do homework

Than shovel again!

The storm will be over

Soon, it is said

But will be replaced

By cold temps instead!

Despite winter weather

The family’s been well

Having enjoyed the past months

All feeling swell!

Dawsyn’s been healthy

As healthy can be

Only a handful of seizures

Every week. Yippee!

We do lots of running

Back and forth to the city

For appointments and treatments

Not for shopping … a pity!

Her new love this year

Is a Bay horse named Sunny

Therapeutic riding makes

Her smile so wide, it is funny!

In April next year,

We’re getting Dawsyn a dog

To help her to cope

He’ll tether, he’ll track

And warn of seizures, we hope.

Matthew has grown

From a boy to a man

At least that’s what it seems

As he looks down on his Mam!

Grade 7 is keeping

Him on his toes

But he’s growing so fast

We can’t keep him in clothes!

Youth Group is fun

But he ALWAYS needs money

For this trip or that

Or to spend on his Honey!

His musical talent is great

The piano still playing

And maybe guitar

For lessons we’re paying.

For Ben, work has been stressful

UFA has undergone a reduction

He’s now Engineering

Instead of Construction

He now drives to Calgary

Instead of Red Deer

It takes him much longer

That much is clear!

His camera’s been snapping

At this scene and that

We want to start framing

Or at least learn to matte.

In summer he golfs

And so does his wife

But seldom together

That’s best for long life!

Marvel continues to study

And share what she’s learned

With ladies who also like

To spend time in the Word

Marv, well she’s been busy

As busy can be

What she’s been doing

We’d all like to see!

Although she works

From light until dark

She may as well be spending

Her time in the park.

Nothing gets done

A house in distress

‘Til Nana comes over

And takes care of the mess!

As you have just read

It has been a good year

We are ending it off by

Sending good cheer

To you our good friends

And family all dear

Merry Christmas to you

And a Happy New Year!

Love from,

Ben, Marvel,

Matthew & Dawsyn

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The Blog Fodder said...

Ella (and Auntie Eva Dale) would be proud. Frost, Browning, Tennyson and Poe maybe not so. Merry Christmas, love and hugs to all.