Monday, March 22, 2010

Have I mentioned that I am really bad at this?

So, as a blogger, am I not supposed to actually sit down and write something once in a while? In the past, I was actually known as somewhat of a writer. A journal to record all the important little things in life, "morning pages" just to stay in the habit of writing, a poem to commemorate an occasion or a life. Those days are no more it would seem. Possibly I am too busy doing the mundane to write about the profound. Today I will recommit myself to the joy of writing ... right after I finish the laundry and run the vacuum over the family room.

It seems that not much has changed since my Christmas Chronicle. At least not the important things. We are all well. If growth is any indication, the children are exceedingly healthy! Matthew has grown since Christmas and, if his feet are any indication, is not showing any signs of slowing down. I think he may exceed his father's height before the growing is done! Dawsyn too is getting very tall. When she wraps her arms around me, I can comfortably rest my chin on her head. She too will look down on her mother before too long! Her health is as stable as it has been for the past four years. We experience a seizure or two most nights but have been blessed with the occasional stretch of up to a week seizure-free. The monthly intravenous immuno-globulin treatments continue to work for which we are grateful.

We took both kids out of school for two weeks for a trip to Mexico. The weather was wonderful (about 27 C most days), the water warm and the company enjoyable. Even two weeks does not seem long enough and we came home wishing for just another day on the beach!

Fortunately, we did not arrive home to a blizzard this year. The snow has melted and the days grown warmer. The bikes came out yesterday, tires got pumped up and we were off for our first ride of the season. It was a little chilly with the breeze but we did have a good time. Dawsyn LOVES to ride her bike, especially since we got the "Trail Gator" that attaches her bike to Daddy's. She can finally achieve the speed she loves without one of us having to jog behind!

Today is Matt and Dawsyn's first day back at school. They were excited to get back to see their friends and show off their tans. I am happy to be back into routine. We have only five weeks before our next trip.

On Monday, April 26 Ben, Dawsyn and I fly to Ohio to train with our newest family member! We are so excited to finally meet Dawsyn's Assistance Dog. 4 Paws has not yet told us which of the dogs in training is ours but we scan the Dogs in Training page ( ) regularly and anxiously await news of which one will be ours. I will post pictures as soon as I know which dog is ours. My Mom and Dad will come to stay with Matt while we are in training.

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Zoe said...

Thanks for the update...about time...not like I see you often enough to know what's happening....LOL!!!! Can't wait for the up and coming blog entries......SO excited for you all. Lots of love xx