Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dog Decisions???

I am seriously wondering if I weighed the pros and cons of having this dog in our house if the pros would win.  We are getting NO WHERE with the seizure alerting.  Despite being offered yummy liver treats, he would not even lift his head for the three seizures this morning.  

So, do I REALLY want to spend the next 15 years trying to keep one step ahead of the dog hair (impossible!) and coughing up a lung because said hair is so hard on my asthma?

 I hear the wonderful dog stories from our friends with autistic kids but not so much for those kids with epilepsy.  What to do, what do do?  Either decision leaves me in tears!


The Blog Fodder said...

Sometimes the magic works...and sometimes it doesn't.
I'd do the pros and cons. Then decide if the dog is simply an expensive pet with some redeeming features. that is OK too.

Zoe said...

PRINK.....pray and think!!!!!! You need to do what's best for you ALL :)