Monday, September 27, 2010

A Homegoing

This afternoon we will celebrate the life of a Servant of God that I wish I had known better.  He was a man from whom we could learn a lot.  Last night, as I thought about him and prayed for his family during this time of sorrow, I remembered my own who have already experienced their Homegoing.   People that I had ample opportunity to know but don't feel like I did as fully as I could have or should have.   These are just two of the remembrances I've written to honor them.

  Quiet and Gentle   

Quiet and gentle, this was her way
Far from the Father she ne’er did stray.
Her arms, for her grandchildren, were open wide.
How we loved to sit and talk by her side.

Quiet and gentle, she loved us well.
With appreciation our hearts do swell.
To our loving Savior thanks we ascribe
For the dearest Grandma He did provide.

To cause others to love Him, her lifelong mission.
Many praises went up as prayers came to fruition.
Her life an example to all whom would see
Through heartache and joy, always faithful she’d be.

Quiet and gentle still is her way.
Now by the Father she will stay.
His arms for His child open wide.
Home with her Savior she will ever abide.

To our Heavenly Father, thanks be given
For lending to us this servant of Heaven.

          Grandpa’s Knees

When I think of Grandpa
I see him on his knees
With one of us, pail in hand
Picking blueberries.

I see him out there, chopping wood
To keep winter fires going
Or in the garden, on his knees
Vegetables to keep growing.

On his knees we used to sit
When we’d come to Grandpa’s place
I’ve noticed that, in recent years,
Our own kids claimed that space.

I see him kneeling by a bed
He prayed so faithfully,
For help and strength for every day
And us, his family.

His children will remember
And grandkids, we will too,
Down on his knees
Grandpa was praying for you.

Grandpa’s heart beat for the Lord
All his earthly days,
On his knees, he showed us
A humble attitude of praise.


The Blog Fodder said...

Thank you. Especially for the last one. I am keeping that one in my Wisdom and Beauty folder.

Zoe said...

AWESOME Marvel.....thanks for sharing your gift with us!! What a talent!! See you later :)