Saturday, November 27, 2010


I just received a private message from a friend that was very encouraging.  I am sometimes reticent to post some of my writings for fear that my own rawness will offend others.  This friend commented that one of my darker posts had spoken to her.  Her brief comment make the writing and the risk worth while ...  "I hear your heart".  Now, those same words coming from someone else may not have meant as much to me.  However, from this friend, they have meaning.  Why, because she KNOWS.   Not one of us walks in the same shoes, even when our children share the same diagnosis, but some of us walk in similar shoes.  We share common concerns and common heartaches.  

To you my friend, thank you for your encouragement and thank you for walking ahead of me in many ways and showing me that we CAN walk this walk with grace and with beauty.  Even when our "shoes" pinch our toes and cause us pain, sometimes even changing our "gait" forever, they are beautiful.  Like magnificent pair of stilettos!  I wouldn't ever change them for a comfortable pair of sneakers.

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