Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is no news, really good news?

I have been horrid at blogging our journey!  It seems that living life just gets in the way of writing life.  I will start writing my Christmas letter soon but figured a quick update was in order before then.

Ben works hard, fishes as often as he can and doesn't golf nearly enough.  He enjoys photography and started his own blog to post weekly pictures.  He's not been happy with the format so has been about as faithful to his blog as I am to mine!  Stay tunes as we are searching for a better way to share his photos.

Marvel still hates doing laundry and cleaning house.  Some things never change!  Weekly golf was a favorite summer activity.  For the first time ever, summer was over too quickly.  I would happily have kept the kids home for another couple of weeks.

Matt is in Grade 9 at Didsbury High School.  He loves school, not so much for the education part as for the social aspect!  We enjoyed a summer of teenagers in our yard.  Water fights, campfires, s'mores and hotdogs.  I love having them around!

After many years of petitioning neurologists, Dawsyn has finally been weaned off Clonazepam.  She is much more alert, is learning so much more easily and is having fewer tonic clonic seizures.  It's been a great year!  Next appointment is October 5 when we'll decide whether or not to start weaning another drug.  

We have had a few dogless months but are planning our next visit to 4 Paws for Ability in December to meet our new Service Dog.  We are excited about the prospect of welcoming a new dog into the family but are less than thrilled with the prospect of two weeks away from home right before Christmas.  

I am having trouble wrapping my head around the idea that we will be in Ohio with a whole bunch of strangers.  I know we will meet lots of wonderful families again this time but can't help but wish that some of our "old" service dog family was going to be there too!  

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