Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NT vs SN (stolen from a friend)

Neuro-Typical (NT)  moms volunteer in the classroom to help out.
Special needs moms volunteer so they can take notes on whether the school program is appropriate for their child.

... NT moms look forward to an "empty nest."
Special needs moms wonder who will take care of their kids after they're gone.

NT moms read their children stories.
Special needs moms read their children social stories.

NT moms try to cope and accept their child's imperfections.
Special needs moms whose children are labeled imperfect or defective, nurture them to the full beautiful gifts from God that they are.

NT dads wrestle with their boys for play.
Special needs dads worry their child won't recognize when wrestling would be inappropriate and instead must teach them, "Keep your hands to yourself."

NT moms are asked to chaperone for field trips.
Special needs moms are required to be there just so their child can go on the field trip.

NT moms take their child's developmental milestones for granted.
Special needs moms realize what a miracle the human body is to be able to do what it does after spending hundreds of hours teaching our kids to roll over, crawl, walk, eat, play, etc.

NT moms cringe when their daughter misses a step or gets confused during a ballet recital.
Special needs moms cry special tears as their child painstakingly holds up one foot while leaning on a chair and says, “Look, mommy, I’m doing ballet.”

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