Tuesday, October 4, 2011

December Dissapointment

We received a call from Jeremy, the head trainer at 4 Paws for Ability, yesterday with some very disappointing news.  They had a whole litter of Golden Doodles in the final stages of training and we new that one of them would be Dawsyn's.  They were all gorgeous, smart dogs and we were excited to have one of them come live with us.  

As it happens, this particular litter has a quirk.  They all have skin/sensory issues and cannot tolerate the harness  or other skin "annoyances".  This means, that after all this training, they cannot be placed as service dogs.  Having previously been through a ten-day training program with Jeremy, we have full confidence that if this problem could have been trained out of these dogs, he is the man to do it.  He can't.  What a great disappointment for us and for the training team!  

Because Dawsyn needs a hypo-allergenic dog, this means another wait until they have another poodle cross suitable.  Possibly April.  

We are reeling from the news and wondering why, exactly, we have had such a run of bad dog luck.  Milkyway wasn't even two years old and had only been with us for 50 weeks when he died of cancer and now a WHOLE LITTER of dogs that would have been suitable cannot be placed.  We can't help but wonder if we are just not meant to have a service dog.  Please pray that we will have clear guidance over the next days as we have to make a decision about what to do.  

Also, we have already booked our flights for December so pray that we can cancel them without penalty.

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Anonymous said...

Am feeling your frustration and disappointment. Hope all goes well with the tickets, and praying for clear direction for you. Love and hugs. g