Sunday, December 11, 2011

4 Paws from Dawsyn's Perspective

After running a couple of tracks this morning, Dawsyn toured around the 4 Paws facility with her camera.  Here's a look at what Dawsyn sees every day.

This is Paula.  Her grandson, Joey, is here getting an autism assistance dog.  Dawsyn really likes Paula!!

This is the training room.  Trainer Jennifer is great at her job and is able to get all our dogs to do things that we still can't do!


Some of the families working their dogs. 

Janet is here with her family from Texas.

This is Joey's Mom, Julie.  

The play area is a great place for this children to hang out while parents are learning dog handling.  The beads are Dawsyn's very favourite.


I think she took great pictures of them!

This is Joey.  He loves to play with this truck.  He is here with his Mom, Julie and Grandma, Paula.  His Dad had to stay home in St. Louis with his little brother and sister.  


 Dad reading the training notes for the day.  Mom paying attention!


Dawsyn loves the trainers here at 4 Paws.  This is Jessa, Jennifer and Jeremy.


Lilly relaxing between workouts and getting a friendly pet.

More information to absorb and implement !

 Cassie and her dog Maggie

Self portrait!


PAPA said...

Dawsyn, you are a great little photographer. I mean picture taker!
Hurry up already,and bring Lillth home so we can all pet her!

Love Papa xxx

julie fisch said...

Dawsyn I love your pictures. You did a great job of capturing the moment:) Joey and Stormy's mom, Julie

The Blog Fodder said...

Good pictures.

Zoe said...

Nice work Dawsyn! George and Jack are still sick at home. They enjoyed your photo's....thanks for sharing!