Friday, December 9, 2011

Training Day #4

Just a few pics of Lilly and some of her classmates.  I'd name them, but I can't even remember people's names at the best of times!!  

We spent the first half of the morning practising tracking and the second half practising commands in the midst of distractions.  During the afternoon, the rest of the class headed off to practise in the mall.  We are not going to have Lilly certified* for work in public places so we didn't join them.

We took the opportunity of the free afternoon to start our Christmas shopping.  I managed a visit to Marshalls and The Burlington Coat Factory.  Tomorrow I hope to hit TJ Maxx and Kohls.  I know Matt sent his Christmas Wish List with me but I really have no idea where it is at the moment or what's on it ... hope he's not too disappointed!  ;)

* Lilly has a wonky skin sensitivity and can't wear a harness.  Therefore, she will not receive service dog certification.  We were aware of this prior to coming and chose to take her home as an In-home Companion.  


Zoe said...

Sounds like another good day. Hopefully Matt's wish list will turn up :)

The Blog Fodder said...

What is the skin condition? Is it sensitive to ALL types of harness?

Dawsyn's Mom said...

Al, they have tried a bunch of different ones on her. She gets all itchy and hobbles on three legs so she can itch with the fourth. She just is so distracted that she forgets to do her job. We will try a gluten free diet when we get home to see if it makes a difference.