Monday, December 12, 2011

Oh Puke!

The days are beginning to run together.  Everyday is a combination of working the dogs with the commands we've learned and the addition of a little new stuff.  

From now until graduation day on Friday the real priority is getting a handle on being 100% consistent as dogs do not understand "sometimes".   Just like with our kids, we really should not give a command unless we intend to carry through.  

Miss Campbell would be a GREAT service dog owner!!  I bet Jetta knows who the boss is.  I may have have to take an occasional "consistency" lesson from the Consistency Queen!

Tracking is going great.  Lilly is much easier to read while tracking than Milkyway ever was.  We understand what she is doing with every move, we handle her with confidence and know that we will be able to track down our runner if she ever gets out of our line of vision.  We are also quite confident that we could track down a sneaky teenager if he tried to pull anything funny!

Tonight we had supper at the hotel dining room, everything was going fine, until  Dawsyn puked!  She got up from the table, walked towards me and puked all over the floor between us (hitting another child's jacket in the process).  She straightened herself up and puked again all over the table.  Yippee!  Two messes to clean up.  Ben grabbed her a got her out of the building in time to save the carpet and other diners from two more episodes!  I stayed behind to clean up the mess with the help of another 4 Paws Mom and hotel staff.  

When I got back to the room, Dawsyn was sitting like a princess on the sofa. She spent the evening watching movies, singing along to her favorite songs and "fake" puking into a bucket.  Within a very short time, she was asking for cheese.  

She has gone to bed now and hopefully will have a good night.  

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Zoe said...

Hope Dawsyn has a good night and that the puke was a fluke!?!