Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Training Day 1

How wonderful it was to meet Lillith today!  She is a real fuzzy wuzzy beauty!  She is already very attentive to Dawsyn and I'm sure they are going to be great friends.  

I like her a little bit too!  

This morning was just meet and greet for the staff and families.  It was nice to get reacquainted with the training staff.  They do such a great job with these dogs.  After we all had a chance to introduce ourselves, the trainers brought out the dogs to meet their new boys and girls.  It's so much fun to watch the reaction of the families as they meet these new important family members.  

After a short lunch break, we spent the afternoon doing basic training.  We did lots of "sits" and "downs" and that was it for training day number one.  

We did a little shopping this evening and had a good supper at the hotel.  


Zoe said...

Oh, how happy Dawsyn looks! Lillith is quite the fluffy and huggable girl! Almost like a huge teddy bear.
HAppy training today :)

The Blog Fodder said...

Looks like a giant version of Bronwyn's (and now Kelly's) Madison. Trust she has a giant brain to go with the rest of her. Lillith. Cool name.