Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

We visited Santa's wonderland this evening.  Who knew Santa hung out in Ohio?  You can visit too at http://www.cliftonmill.com/

The covered bridge at the entrance was beautiful.

The Mill itself is gorgeous!

 I have never seen so many Santa's in one place!   

This was my favorite!

Dawsyn and Kaitlyn

The miniature village was fantastic.  There was a cool drive-in theatre, a log house on fire with fire engines engaged, a train, and so much more!!  

 This was the COOLEST teeny little campground!

 An airport

 A school house

The drive-in was complete with fare skippers crawling out of trunks!

 A carnival with ferris wheel and carousel.

 House on fire

Dawsyn was really intrigued with Santa Claus.  Every now and again he'd leave his busy work in the workshop and pop out the chimney to wave and "Ho Ho Ho" to the children.  She would shyly look up at him and wave every time.  If we were a ways away, she'd take off running toward the workshop when he'd appear.  Prior to this evening, she's never shown any interest in Santa at all.  

What a fun evening and the weather cooperated by staying above freezing.

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Zoe said...

Beautiful. Looks like a great place to visit. Very cool that Dawsyn is finding Santa interesting this year! Looks like she stayed well, no more sickness?