Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 2 Continued

The first post was a copy of the letter we sent to Dawsyn's class. We are trying to update them every day.

Other tidbits on the day:

- Milkyway is smaller than I expected but still a good size. He's only 10 months old so still has some growing to do. Zeke and Kacey are bigger than him but Mingo, Skippy and Quincey are all a lot smaller. A little taller and longer than Moshi but not as "thick". He's all legs and tail!

- Dawsyn and Milkyway played fetch with a tennis ball tonight! They both LOVE LOVE LOVE it. A match made in heaven!

- He sheds! I was really hoping for a non-shedder but 'twas not to be. :(

- He's going to sleep with Dawsyn and I tonight ... we'll see how that goes!


Zoe said...

Jack will be very envious!!!!!!!!

Have a great sleep with Milkyway....he's sure to nice a snuggly xx

Cynthia said...

When you get home, just get him groomed nice and short. He's such a sweet looking pup!