Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 4 - More Hide and Seek (Letter to Classmates)

This morning we went to a different park and played some more Hide and Seek. Sometimes my Mom hides with me and sometimes my Dad does. I hide really well but Milkyway always finds me really really fast! He has the advantage of having a really good sniffer.

In between our turns at Hide and Seek, I like to throw the tennis ball for him to chase after. The funniest part of that game is that my Dad is usually hanging on to the leash so when I throw the ball, Milkyway runs after it really fast and my tag gets dragged after him! :-D I also on the playground with some of my new friends. Hudson is 14 and has really severe autism so he has trouble speaking and doesn't like to look right at me. That's okay though because we still like to take turns on the slide and I do enough talking for both of us!

This is us in the park waiting to take our turns at Hide and Seek.

At lunchtime I got to take a break and play in the 4 Paws Playground. I especially like the trampoline.

In the afternoon Mom and Dad had to do a bunch more obedience training so I just watched a movie and then took a little nap. They practiced the sit, down, heel and under commands some more and also learned the stand command and how to make Milkyway heel when we're shopping. Dad said that Mom could learn that one by herself because he DOESN'T shop! Mom pushed the shopping cart around and said that Milkyway did great. That means we'll definitely be able to go shopping ... or at least Milkyway and Mom can!

Parents working with the dogs While they were doing that,
in our training room. I was doing this!

This evening we had lasagna for supper and I was so hungry I ate two whole helpings! That gave me enough energy to make a short shopping trip. Mom wanted to buy a couple of special things for Matthew. When we got home, we chatted with Matt and Nana and Papa on Skype. Now I'm wiped and am heading for a snuggle in bed with my puppy!

Getting Kisses!

Love Dawsyn


Zoe said...

WOW....another busy, ram jam full day!!!!! Sleep well, recharge the batteries for another day that's sure to be full of intense teaching and learning for you all xx

Zoe said...

By the way...why is Dawsyn reading a Spanish translation book????? (The book on the floor next to her sleeping!!???):)

Zoe said...

Me again.....I spy a Timmy's too!!!!! But it doesn't taste the same, eh??? ;-)

Dawsyn's Mom said...

Dawsyn has been carrying the Spanish dictionary around since we were in Mexico! If she loses site of it she has a bird and squeals, "Where is my BIBLE?". She'll lie around "reading" that "bible" for long periods of time so who am I to argue??

Zoe said...

She is TOO funny!!!!! She'll be fluent pretty soon then!! :) Look forward to reading all about your day later xx