Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 2 - Welcome Milkyway

Wow Wow =-O WoW WoW >:o WOW!!!!! What a day we have had! We went to 4 Paws this morning and found Milkyway right away. He was in his crate just waiting for us! We sat and visited with him through the bars for a little while but then had to go and sit in a big circle with all the other families. Jeremy, the Training Director, talked for a REALLY long time. My Mom and Dad listened but I got really bored and went to play in the play area where they have a bunch of toys. Eventually, they started bringing out the dogs, one at a time, to meet their families. I just kept on playing because Milkyway wasn't one of the first ones. FINALLY it was my turn! The trainer walked him over to me and my parents ... Mom cried, Mom always cries when she's happy!

We got to play together and I gave him treats, lots and lots of treats, until lunchtime. We put Milkyway back in his crate and then we went to Pizza Hut because I love pizza.

In the afternoon, Mom and Dad learned some of the basic obedience commands like Sit, Down and Heel. Milkyway is really smart, it's my Mom and Dad that need the training! After class we stopped at the PetSmart store to buy some doggy treats and some toys to play with. I'm trying to play with Milkyway right now but I think he must be tired because he's hiding under the desk my Mom is sitting at!!

Tomorrow morning we practice tracking. That's for when I get lost (or run away!) and Milkyway has to come find me. We practice by playing Hide and Seek in the park or the mall. In the afternoon Mom and Dad will practice some more obedience training ... I think I'll probably just take a nap! ;-)

I think tonight we will all sleep well. It's been a busy day!



gl said...

Mom isn't the only one that had a few tears! What a great day for you all.

Zoe said...

OH MY.....tears here too!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing Marvel....can't wait to chat!! Have a great sleep...enjoy having Milkyway with you!!

Cynthia said...

Now I'm crying too!!! What a bunch of babies we all are! Hahaha!