Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 5 - Hide and Seek AGAIN! (Letter to Class)

We did the same thing today as yesterday and the day before! Two games of hide and seek in the park and then a lot of boring talk among the adults in the afternoon. The hide and seek is okay but I am getting tired of always having to be the one to hide! I think Milkyway should hide and I'll go find him but Mom and Dad say that he has to practice his finding. When the other kids are playing hide and seek with their dogs, I hang out in the park. There is one family that I spend a lot of time with. Chance is 5 years old and loves to play soccer ... or football ... or basketball ... or anything with a ball! He has twin sisters, Cadence and Aubrianna, that I like to "help". They don't seem to think they need as much help as I like to give but we're having fun together anyway.

In the afternoon my Mom and Dad were learning more about tracking and tethering. I played computer for awhile but it was such a warm day outside that my Dad finally took me out to the trampoline.

We were very tired after training so didn't even go out for supper tonight. Dad and I hung out at the hotel and gave Milkyway and good combing. Mom went shopping ... she's never too tired to shop!

I really like Milkyway to sleep with me but sometimes he sneaks off the bed when he gets too hot.

They promised us that tomorrow we're going to do something new! I can't wait!!

Dawsyn & Milkyway


May-B said...

I love it. Milkyway looks like he fits right in. Monty sleeps with me and gets off the bed when he's too hot too.

I'm glad it's going so well!!

Zoe said...

Great bed time photo! I think we need Chance to visit us....he and Jack would get along like a house on fire!!!! How was the shopping Marv???

Dawsyn's Mom said...

Chance really reminds us of Jack. He's a nice little boy and enjoys playing with Dawsyn ... when she's not tormenting his sisters.