Thursday, April 29, 2010

Random Pictures

Didsbury REALLY must be God's Country ... He's been faithful to us since the beginning of time! Here in Ohio, apparently He's only been faithful for 50 years!!!!

Practicing putting Milkyway in a "down" and having him stay there until he's given the "free" command. Once given a command, he should not break it until given permission, even if it's hours!

Just a really good picture of our pretty boy!


Out in the parking lot practicing "heel".

A dog and his girl!

In the rental car ... he likes to sit close enough to touch her!

The next two pictures were taken BY Dawsyn! She may become a photographer like her Daddy!!


Terri said...

These are SUCH GREAT pictures! This dog looks amazing with Dawsyn!! They look like they are best friends already!!

Zoe said...

Love the kissing photo!!!

gl said...

I've been waiting - and checking all day for these! thanks for the post and the updates. So fun to get to go on this journey with you.
With gratitude to the writer, the photographer(s).... and to our great God for His goodness!