Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 6 - Why We're Here

Dawsyn reminded us last night of just exactly why we've come here. At 4 a.m. she had her first of three seizures. Each time, I would attend to Dawsyn and Ben would drag Milkyway out of his sleep, put his nose right up close to her face and praise him up. When it was all over, we'd give him hotdogs and lots of praises. Next time we will encourage him to give one good bark. Eventually, that bark will be our signal that she's having a seizure.

After the seizures were over, he would lay close to Dawsyn and lick her hands and face. I know that grosses some of you out but that "smell" that he is licking will be his signal to alert. The better he knows it, the better he will be able to do his job.

At one point, Milkyway was stretched out on one side of the bed and I was on the other with Dawsyn sandwiched between us. I woke up to the sound of a "thump" to find that he had slipped off the bed and was wedged between the bed and the wall on his back! Poor boy!! It was actually kind of funny.

Today we are doing some obedience training in the mall. The last thing Dawsyn (and her Dad) wants to do is spend a whole morning in the mall. We also figured that she could use a quiet morning as she's been going hard every day. So she and Dad are going to chill out and I'm going to the mall. Honestly, who do you think really needs to be able to handle him in a mall anyway? I'm going to become the MASTER at shopping with a service dog ... look out Cross Iron Mills! Do you think I'll need to take Dawsyn when I shop at home?

I'll fill you in on how we do ... and what we buy!

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