Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mother Mistake!

I keep saying that I'm not playing out. I'm not too tired. I still have energy at the end of the day. Well, apparently I am NOT so on the ball at the beginning of the day!!

During the Friday night Dawsyn had three seizures. On Saturday morning I gave her her meds as usual. However, I made a mistake. I gave her Saturday evening meds rather than her regular morning meds. We didn't discover my mistake until it was time for her evening meds and they were missing but her morning ones were still there. What a screw up!!

We went ahead and gave her her morning meds at night. Apparently, that was a mistake! She had a good night with only one seizure but the poor girl's had a miserable day! She's had five head drops and one nasty three minute tonic clonic.

Mom's feeling like idiot and Dawsy's paying the price!


Zoe said... are human...and an exhausted one at that! You are NOT an idiot my girl xx

Laurianne said...

Marvel, just know that we're following your blog faithfully and know that this is such an exciting, yet tiring time for you. Very happy for Dawsyn and your family! We're praying for you!


Julie said...

No worries.I've messed up insulin before, too. It's not easy trying to be a nurse 24/7; especially when it's your own kid. Thankfully, God is walking with us and gives us what we need to care for our babies everyday.
It's been awesome keeping up with your progress on the blog. What a wonderful experience! We pray that Milkyway is just what Dawsyn needed to experience more independence. Thanks for keeping us posted :)