Sunday, May 16, 2010

Milkyway Does Children's Church

Milkyway went to Children's Church with Dawsyn today! Ben and Matt had gone fishing for the day and controlling Dawsyn in a crowd is sketchy at best so I decided to put the working dog to work! We tethered up before getting out of the van and walked into church as a three-some. Smooth as Skippy Peanut Butter!!

We got up the stairs to the classroom where I truly had no intention of leaving that poor dog! I was concerned that having him in class would make more work for the teachers than Dawsyn alone. However, being the "Wonder Couple" that they are, they insisted that Milkyway stay. Michelle spoke to the children and reminded them that this morning, Milkyway was working and that they needed to ignore him.

I put him in a "down", unhitched the harness and let Dawsyn go about her churchly business.

By all reports, Milkyway stayed in his down the ENTIRE class!! Dawsyn did her very best to drag him around the room but he held his ground. I think he saw all those young children and decided to make himself as invisible as possible! One little girl decided that she was above the rules and continually tried to disrupt him and feed him treats but that situation was also put to rest.

So, the verdict is in, Milkyway is a STAR at Children's Church ... Dawsyn is, well, she's just Dawsyn! In my book, Teachers Michelle and Kevin, you are the very very BEST!!


May-B said...

Yay for Milkyway! He did such a good job.

I'm impressed the kids were able to resist as well as they were. Even I have trouble not bothering service dogs!

The Blog Fodder said...

He'll be memorizing Bible verses soon and learning the actions to songs.

gl said...

Amazing! They tell you it is going to work; you train so it will work - but how amazing to see it in action! And Kudos to the teachers willing too give it a try!