Friday, May 7, 2010

We came to Ohio to train with and bring home Dawsyn's new service dog. What we couldn't know ahead of time was that we would also meet some really wonderful people while we were here. We knew this dog was going to be an unbelievable blessing to our lives. What never ceases to amaze me is how God plans "surprise" blessings for us along the way! These are some of the people we have been blessed with knowing and have been so grateful for these past two weeks. You will have seen them all in recent blog posts.

Sean, Bethany, Bella, Willow and Pepsi

These girls wiggled their way into my heart immediately! Bella and Dawsyn have totally different "issues" but are so very alike. I could have easily taken them both home with me!

John, Pam, Logan, Dawson, Ella & Hawkeye
I got great hugs from Logan every day and I'm gonna be missing them by this time tomorrow!

Joel, Lisa, Hudson and Lorelai

A beautiful family that I sensed from the start I would want to know better than these short weeks would allow.

Ben and I look forward to growing these friendships despite the many miles between us.

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gl said...

Leaving these new friends will have its own sadness - but because of who you are, you will remain in touch and continue to bles each other.