Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 7 - No Sunday School

Sunday is one of my very favorite days. I love to go to Sunday School and to Children's Church but today they worked us just as hard as every other day this week!! We played Hide and Seek in the rain today. My turn didn't come for a long time so I had a little rest in the back of our car for awhile while the others hung around in the rain.

Dad and I went deep into some thick bush and hid. Milkyway came barreling behind us really fast! My Mom kept having to slap branches out of her way so that she didn't get an eye poked out! We all came back with muddy feet and wet clothes.

This afternoon we learned to do tricks with our dogs. The dogs all know how to shake, give me five, high five, play dead and a bunch of others. It was quite obvious that the parents were not as good at getting the dogs to do their tricks as the trainers do. Mom will keep working at it and will hopefully be able to show you some when we get home! They were a little better and getting the dogs to do some of their "work" jobs.

This is an example of "touch". Mom pointed to my leg and said "touch" and Milkyway put his paw where Mom pointed. This is a good way to distract a child from doing something that his Mom or Dad doesn't want him to do.

This one was is called "lap". The dog puts his head on the child's lap to comfort them if they are upset. I wasn't very upset right then. I just wanted to give him a good rub!

This one has a really long name. Every time I would do this, Mom and Dad would say "Don't DO that!" I really don't know why they were telling Milkyway not to do that. I would have liked a ride.

I had kind of a bad seizure day today. I had five head drops (they only last about 5 seconds each) while we were at our training sessions and then had a three minute one when we were back at our hotel. Milkyway is getting lots of chances to learn that "seizure smell"! I think tomorrow will be a much better day!!

Dawsyn & Milkyway


Zoe said...

LOL.....I LOVE, LOVE the last photo and comment!! Jack has been wondering if Milkyway will be big enough to ride!!!!

The Blog Fodder said...

On this format, I can comment. No idea why. Great pictures. Hugs all around.