Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 8 - Take Me to the Mall!

Today we all went to the mall, even Dad! We practiced having me tethered to Milkyway so I don't wander off like I like to. I really don't mind being tethered though because I have a special leash that only I get to use. After we did that for a long time we played a couple games of Hide and Seek in store. The first time Dad and I went to hide. Mom and Milkyway found us really fast. When Mom and I went to hide, we went a little further and found a great corner where I could rearrange the clothes on the rack until Dad and Milkyway go there. I like sorting clothes so wasn't very happy that they found us so soon!

This is some of our group waiting their turn in the mall

The afternoon was spent in the training room again. The training room is starting to get very boring for me! However, Mom and Dad need all the practice they can get handling Milkyway because they have to pass a handling test before we can take Millkyway home.

All the dogs are in a "down" and the parents are walking around and over them. This is to remind them that once they've been given a command, they must not break it even if there are distractions.

This evening we went out for supper with another family. They have two little girls that I played with. Milkyway went with us and I was tethered to him while we walked down the street. At the restaurant, we gave him the "under" command and he went under the table and laid down. He was so well behaved, we almost forgot he was there!

These are my friends Willow and Bella. Bella has seizures too but hers are because she has tumors growing in her brain. Her dog is called Pepsi.

There were so many fun hats in this store! My Mom bought herself and me one ... but not this one.

Dawsyn & Milkyway


Zoe said...

WOW....I didn't realise you had to pass a test!!! You will pass with flying colours!!!

p.s can't wait to see the new hat!

Dawsyn's Mom said...

Maybe I'll get Ben to take some pics of us in our new hats! Look for them tomorrow.

The Blog Fodder said...

The mall must love you guys. They do a good deed for communities at large by having everyone come and train there. Then they get to sell stuff to you.
I bet the dogs and kids gather quite a following before everything is over.

Dawsyn's Mom said...

You are so right! We all meet at a children's play area in the mall which is right next to the food court. I swear I've talked to every little old lady in this county! They ALL want to pet Milkyway because he's so pretty!!