Sunday, May 16, 2010

Normal is Just a Setting on Your Washing Machine

In one short week I've returned to my bad habit of NOT blogging! You've got to admit, I did pretty well for two weeks but the hum drum of home seems to eat up the hours in the day. Truth be told, the first few days at home, I felt like I'd been hit by a truck and had trouble getting anything done!

Sunday was busy with taking Milkyway to church and getting him baptized. KIDDING! But the poor fellow did have to make the rounds and meet everybody who has been so supportive in getting him here. A quick trip to the grocery store in the afternoon and company for supper rounded out the day.

On Monday morning it was up early, get the kids ready for school and say goodbye to my Mom and Dad who had so graciously stayed with Matt during our absence. On the way down the stairs to head out the door, I noticed something. Something nasty and vile! You see, when we first walked into the house upon our return, it was SPOTLESS. The windows sparkled, the floors shone, the surfaces were free of dust. And NOW, just a short 36 hours later, there were doggy footprints EVERYWHERE, there was doggy nose prints on my windows and the HAIR! Oh the hair! It has invaded every nook and cranny!! The corners of every step are full, the sofas are covered, even my bedding has dog hair on it! I frantically ran to the dog to see if he'd mysteriously gone bald overnight. There was no other way to account for THAT MUCH HAIR!

I must have been exhausted because I just broke down and bawled. My Mom felt badly that, after trying so hard to leave me with a spic and span house, she had to leave me in not only a mess but also in an emotional mess!

Despite the meltdown, my parents got away and headed back to their own busy life and I got the kids to school. By this time, however, there was no way I was going to put myself or Milkyway (who still had plenty of hair by the way) through the stress of having to "perform" for Dawsyn's class. I knew that the children were very anxious to meet him, however, so I did take him in to introduce him. I also took him to Matt's class to say hello.

Then, did I rush home to deal with the furballs in the corners, nose prints on the windows and footprints on the floors? NO, I went to bed and slept for three hours! I got up in time to take Milkyway for a good walk and waste an hour before heading back out to the school to pick up the kids. Tuesday was a repeat of Monday minus the doggy visits to the classroom.

By Wednesday, things were looking up. I replaced the going back to bed with an extra walk. Lucky Milkyway got two good walks that day! I got to enjoy the company of a different friend on each. I also got out for my first round of golf for the season on Wednesday evening. Any day that includes a golf game is a good day!

It took me until Thursday to get back to normal ... normal being that I DON'T CARE that my house is a mess and I haven't had time to cook so just make Kraft Dinner and hotdogs for supper! I really miss the part of the trip where someone else makes the meal and we just sit down and eat and the part where I leave in the morning and when I come back the beds are made and the vacuuming's been done!! On the other hand, Dawsyn is very happy to be back in school and back to her day to day routine and Matt is happy to have his family home.

Friday was a wonderful day. I picked up my bedding plants and got my planters all loaded up with wave petunias, pansies and ivy. I love a day spent in the sunshine and digging the the dirt ... well, dirt that comes in a bag and doesn't have the nasty surprise of the occasional earthworm!

So normal it is! I continue to look at my dirty house with disdain but do little to correct the problem. Instead, I take regular walks with the dog which should help my ongoing commitment to lose weight. The weekdays are full of activity, work for Ben, baseball for Matt, riding for Dawsyn, golf for me. Then the weekends are a flurry of activity. Ben golfs and does odd jobs that we don't have time for during the week. I chase kids, visit with neighbours and drink coffee ... a LOT of coffee!

Saturday morning sun bathing, in her nightie of course!

Dawsyn feeding Milkyway his breakfast ... piece by piece!

Today is Sunday and Ben and Matt have decided to worship their Creator in His creation! This act of worship includes a friend and his two sons, a quad, a boat and some fishing poles. Dawsyn had quite a late night last night because neither of her parents felt like going to bed when the evening was so beautiful! She and I will go to church and then spend another beautiful day in the sunshine. This evening we've planned to have a potluck with some of our nearest and dearest friends to round out a lovely spring weekend!


Zoe said...

Busy week of readjustments!!!!!!!!!! I've really enjoyed our walks too! Love the photo' special!! Keep up the great truly are a super mom!!!

The Blog Fodder said...

Tanya and I love the picture of the girl and her dog. Dawsyn is so grown up and Milkyway has the same face as out two fox terrors, only MW is twice as big and twice as smart.

gl said...

Don't know how I missed this post, but just read it today. I think you were exhausted my dear, and the sleep was much needed. good for you to give in to that!
Wish I was in the 'nearest' group...