Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 7 Photos

Before we leave for the day. This girl knows the way to her dog's heart!

Morning in the Rain

Milkyway waiting for our turn to track. When it's raining, his hair gets all curly!! I love it!

Mom and Milkyway in the rain talking to Saphira and her handler.

Hawkeye and John on their way back with from tracking Logan.

Lorelai waiting her turn. She's a beautiful Burmese Mountain Dog and is a bundle of energy and is very playful. Lorelai will be moving to Alabama with her boy Hudson who has autism.

This is MiMi tracking her boy, Jamie.

Afternoon in the Training Centre

Dawsyn and Milkyway "bonding" over treats

Maestro, the trainer's helper! A very nice Golden Retriever

Sean and Pepsi practicing "over". The dog lays over the legs or body of their child when they need to feel pressure or weight. Pepsi's girl Bella lives in New Jersey and has a rare form of epilepsy but not Dravet's.
Hawkeye practicing "lap" and just chilling. His boy Logan lives in Denver, Colorado but his Mom was born in Calgary.

This is Radar, Hawkeye's brother. They have another brother named Trapper in our group. They are called the M*A*S*H* litter.

Tonight just before bed

Before we came I think I mentioned that if we could teach this dog to play Go Fish, we'd have it made! Dawsyn is doing her darnedest to fulfill that goal.

Just my goofy goofy girl!


Zoe said...

Keep working on the Go Fish Dawsyn!!!! This would be AWESOME....can you imagine Marv...:)

Cynthia said...

I'm am just loving all the updates! So glad things are going well :o)

The Blog Fodder said...

Wonderful pictures. Dawsyn is sooo cute. She and Milkyway are quite the pair. He likely will learn to play go fish. If he learns poker, don't bet against him.
So many different kinds of dogs. How do they chose which dogs for which kids?

Dawsyn's Mom said...

Al, they breed a lot of dogs here at 4 Paws but they also rescue dogs from the pound and people donate dogs that they've had as a pet but isn't working out or from their own litter. We send LONG descriptions of what we need, Dawsyn's personality and what we're looking for in a dog personality. We also send a long DVD of life in our home. For us it got narrowed down even more because Dawsyn has an allergy to dogs. From there, they train a number of dogs to meet your needs and during the training process decide which one would be the best. I don't know how they've done it but they've made an amazing match! On the other hand, sometimes the fit just doesn't work and the family returns the dog and then has to come back to training to get another dog. There are two families here this time training with their second dog. I can't even imagine returning a dog!! Even if Milkyway never learns to seizure alert, I don't think we could give him up!

Matt said...

I haven't seen those Big Eyes for a LONG time!!

The Blog Fodder said...

Sounds like someone is lonesome for BIG Eyes?
Marv, thanks.

Dawsyn's Mom said...

Those "big eyes" miss you too!

gl said...

Soon Matt, soon, those big eyes will be back looking at you!

Darlene said...

Getting caught up on life after returning Sat. night from our trip. Loved reading all the way through the blog. Sounds like you all are learning lots and it sounds like a good match. so excited for you all. Drink in the green and the flowers. You will have spring twice this year. thanks for taking the time to send commentary and pictures. Darlene